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The challenge

Standards for a prairie plant report

A full species list of plants (prairie and non-prairie) found at the time of survey. Attached is a blank checklist and data sheet if you choose to use. Even if no CAO prairie plants were detected, a complete species list of vegetation observed helps characterize site conditions.

mima mounds

Why would you need a Priairie Screening?

In the event that the appropriate number or presence of at least three plant species from Thurston County’s CAO target prairie plant list (Tables 24.25-7 and 24.25-8, Appendix 24.25-1 in Chapter 24.25 TCC) or Mima mounds or are detected within an area of proposed development, mitigation sequencing or an Habitat Conservation Plan (HMP) may be required (Chapter 24.35.260 TCC).


The solution

Prior to visiting a site, we assess the parcel(s) on local Geodata systems which including the LIDAR feature and make Mima mounds more visible in cases where shrub layer is thick or mounds are small. Upon sitevisit we screen with 50ft transects with all the necessary tools to provide quality results.

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